Photo Andrea Mora, El País

COSTA RICA NEWS – The striking dock workers of the Limón ports allowed the docking of two cruise ship arrivals this Tuesday morning, a situation that the Sindicato de Trabajadores de JAPDEVA (SINTRAJAP) union says could change at any moment.

Cruise ships provide an economic lift to the Caribbean port city and the provinces’ tourist attractions.

SINJATRAP press secretary said on Monday that crippling the cruise ship port is an extreme measure that will be considered if the government does not back down on the union demands for a change to clause 9.1 of its concession contract with APM Terminals to build a megaport at Moín (north of the Limón dock).

The dock workers are on the 14th day of work stoppage. The state port agency, JAPDEVA, has kept the ports open with non-union workers.

The union and the government have agreed to mediation by the Ombudswoman.

The two cruise ships this morning are the first of the season.


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