Don’t leave behind the umbrella and a sweater for the next couple of days. Then its the sombrilla (for the sun).

COSTA RICA NEWS — Wind gusts up to 70 km/h, rain and cold weather starting today, Wednesday, and lasting to Friday are all part of the send off of the rainy season.

The national weather service, the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional (IMN), says the winds will be strong and the rains and cold air coming from the Gulf of Mexico will be with us for a few days.

In San José on Tuesday the downpours started shortly after lunch time and lasted most of the day, intermittent from heavy downpours to a light drizzle.

Reports to the Q of strong rains came from Cartago to the east and Cuidad Colón on the west. Alajuela and Heredia were also battered by short bursts of rain, followed by normal rainfall that lasted into the early evening.

This morning (Wednesday) Josefinos (residents of San José) and most of the Central Valley woke up to cloudy skies. It was almost 6am before the sun really started to shine through the clouds.

In Guanacaste there was no rain reported and for most of the Central Pacific coast (Jacó and Quepos) the rain was short.

Daniel Poleo, meteorologist at the IMN, said the high pressure system and blowing winds, with scattered precipitation, will move away in a few days, ushering in the “dry” or “summer” season.

Costa Rica has two distinct seasons, if you will, a “wet” (from May to November) and “dry (from December to April). The temperature stays pretty well the same all year round, the major difference is that we get lots of rain during the “wet” season and little to almost none during the “dry”.

This is for most of the country, except for the Caribbean coast, where they will get dumped with rain during the months of December and January.

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