subzero-icrcream(QCOSTARICA) PRESS RELEASE, San Jose, Costa Rica – Sub Zero Ice Cream and Yogurt invites you to an information and opportunity seminar on Wednesday July 29th at the Hotel Rincón del Valle, Calle Lang, in Sabana Sur.

Sub Zero Ice Cream is changing the way people eat ice cream in the United States and will soon be available in Latin America. Sub Zero prepares the customized frozen product from cream while the customer watches, using the patented innovation of customized preparation with liquid nitrogen, both an exciting experience for the customer, and a process that allows for better tasting ice cream through flash-freezing.

Currently operating 45 stores in the United States, Sub Zero Ice Cream opened in new stores in Naples, Florida last week and will open locations in Houston and Dallas next month.

“Normally when a new franchise comes to Latin America, a large family or business group already owns the company and is in charge,” says Tim Morales, Latin American Franchisee of Sub Zero. “We are bringing Sub Zero to the country to give motivated Costa Ricans the opportunity to get involved and grow with Sub Zero. We are very excited about our new City Mall partnership, and I am sure that it will be the first of many locations in Costa Rica and in the region, and even be one of the busiest Sub Zero stores overall. We are looking forward to expanding together with our local partners, opportunities that are normally not given out.”

We invite you to attend one of the he seminars on Wednesday, July 29 (first seminar 3pm, second seminar 7pm), during which we will discuss franchises, catering, and single store partnership investment opportunities. Sub Zero will be making ice cream to demonstrate the process.

If you are looking for something new, exciting, and with great business potential, Sub Zero Ice Cream provides a proven and successful business model.

More info on the seminar available at:

Seating is limited.

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