A recent report by the Organismo de Investigación Judicial (OIJ) reveals that the majority of homicides in Costa Rica occur on Sundays.

The numbers show that between January 1 and November 30 this year  of the 335 homicides recorded, 74 occurred on the 48 Sundays of the period.

On Sundays, men are the principal victims with 62 of the homicides, while only 12 women were murdered.

“On Sundays some wake up under the effect of alcohol, drugs or futbol (soccer), while others have free time to plan out their actions, while victims are not thinking this is a day to be killed”, an investigator told La Teja during an interview.

A 9mm gun is the weapon of choice. Authorities say this type of gun is the easiest to obtain on the black market. Following is a handknife, mainly used in assaults and robberies. Interestingly, affixiation is the method most used to murder women.

According to the experts, drug trafficking is the major cause of the majority of the homicides, as gangs battle for turf and respect. The illicit drug trade also results in deaths due to deals gone bad, vengeance and ripoffs.

The OIJ statistics also point out that heading the list of victims and perpetrators are Nicaraguan nationals, followed by Colombians and Panamanians. Authorities say that many come to Costa Rica to dedicate themselves in the drug trade.

Following drug trade deaths are assaults and robberies, where in 95% of the cases the victim refused to hand over belongings.

Lower in the list but not of less importance to authorities is “femicides”. Many of the femicides are a result of a failed relationship, a love triangle or some other type of sentimental involvement between the victim and the aggressor.

Worrying investigators are the number of “sicarios” (murder for hire). Records indicate a total of 14 people were victims of sicariato (hire killers).

Leading in the most number of murders is the Caribbean province of Limón. Last year (2011) the province recorded 160 murders. Officials would only say that the 2012 numbers are lower.

In San José, the most likely placed to be murdered are, in order of most occurrences, Pavas, Alajuelita, Purral, La Uruca and Tibás. The “dark times”, the time when most of the murders occur on Sundays is between midnight and 4pm.

In contrast, the day least likely to be murdered in Costa Rica is: Monday!

Source: La Teja

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