Alejandra Arias, Marketing Manager at Gessa (Peri, Supercompro, Saretto and Día Express) says customers can expect special hours and discounted pricing on a variety of products for Semana Santa. Photo Gerson Vargas/ La República

Q COSTA RICA – Supermarket chains in Costa Rica are ready for Semana Santa, stocking their aisles and gondolas (shelves) with a wide assortment of seasonal products in order to meet the needs of their customers during Easter week.

Although Semana Santa officially (shopping wise) starts this weekend, some supermarket chains have been promoting seasonal  products for some weeks.

Semana Santa is one of the most important in terms of sales.

What is the favourite of Costa Rican shoppers for Semana Santa?

Seasonal products include tuna, sardines, pickles, pickles, nuts, snacks, salad dressings, canned foods (fruits and vegetables), soft drinks, wines, Liquors, craft beers and much more.

An assortment of fish products dominate store space, such as trucha (trout), corvina (bass) parjo rojo (red snapper), mariscos (seafood) and shellfish, with prices up to 40% off or more at some supermarkets to get you in the door.

Chicken, beef and pork are also on the price cutting block for Semana Santa.

You can also expect pricing competition in products such as fruits and vegetables.


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