Supermodel and United Nations goodwill ambassadoe Gisele Bundchen talking to Carson Daily
Supermodel and United Nations goodwill ambassador Gisele Bundchen talking to Carson Daily

(AFP) – Three former bodyguards of Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen and US football star husband Tom Brady went on trial Monday in Costa Rica for opening fire at photographers.

One of the two photographers who made the complaint works for Agence France-Presse (AFP).

The shooting took place in 2009 as the celebrity couple celebrated their wedding and reception at a seaside home in Costa Rica.

The charge is attempted homicide.

Two of the bodyguards are Costa Rican and the third is from Colombia.

Yuri Cortez, a Salvadoran who works for AFP, and Costa Rican colleague Carlos Aviles had been trying to take pictures of the wedding.

The bodyguards confronted them and demanded in vain that the photographers hand over the memory cards from their cameras.

As the photographers drove away, at least one of the bodyguards opened fire, according to the complaint again them. Neither of the photographers was hurt.

As the trial opened the judge granted the defendants’ request that no pictures of them be taken.

All three have also decided to exercise their right not to testify.

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