Companies in Costa Rica are concerned about the increase in corruption in the country, this according to a survey published by the Costa Rica Chamber of Commerce (Cámara de Comercio de Costa Rica) of 54 companies.

corruption11According to the report (published in September 2012), 93% of the companies interviewed consider the problem of corruption in the country as serious or very serious. This is reinforced by the fact that 46% of the companies reported having been proposed by a corrupt public official.

Asked how the private sector can fight corrupion, the majority of the companies surveyed said that developing policies and codes of ethics to not tolerate or promote corrupt practices and resort to filing complaints is the key.

The survey also found that in 35% of the cases corruption is related to abuse of authority, in the negotiation of contracts, followed by favouritism and influence peddling.

The report also notes that in many cases complaints aren’t filed due to the high cost (in economic terms, time and processes) and that there is no penalty. Worse, the companies must continue facing the same corrupt officials.

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