The 19 year old suspect in the muder of an 11 year old boy and rape of a 9 nine year old girl being escorted to the Upala area courthouse

(QCOSTARICA) The 19 year old Upala farm labourer (peon, in Spanish) and prime suspect in the killing of an 11 year old boy and rape of a nine year old girl, will be spending the next six months in preventive detention, as authorities continue to gather evidence in the case.

On Thursday, Organismo de Investigacion Judicial (OIJ) agents confiscated three pairs of pants and three t-shirts from the young man’s home.

At all times – the young man who is identified by the last name, Umaña – remained handcuffed as up to 10 police officials sifted through the small home in the rural area known as Valle Bonita.

Area residents Thursday morning showed their loss by keeping their homes closed, as well as the El Suampito school, where the two young victims attended.

The funeral for young boy will be today (Friday) at the Popoyoapa cemetery, some six kilometres from the Valle Bonita community.

Maribel Espinoza Marín, mother of the children, said Umaña knew them “since they were kids” and they were together in the same school, despite the 10 years difference. “We have never spoken. He is serious and somewhat aggressive. With his parents I did have confidence. Six months ago, I left my daughter twice in their care,” said Espinoza.

21/05/2015. Sospechoso de asesinar a niño en Upala es trasladado al Juzgado Penal.

The mother recalled that after the second time, her little girl told her that Umaña’s mother told her not to go to the room where he slept, for it was dangerous that he would do something.

“After that, never again. Now I just think of the suffering of my son. I will never forgive him for this. I ask for quick justice,” said the mother.

Jose Rodriguez Marchena, Umaña’s uncle, told La Nacion yesterday that his nephew is schizophrenic, he often got angry and would fight. He added that tests can confirm the condition.

Javier Medina, a business partner of Umaña’s father, told authorities that on the day of the crime he showed up for work at 10:30am, three hours later than usual. On Wednesday, Umaña’s mother told police her son had left for work, with his father, at the usual time of at 7:10am, right after breakfast.

Source: Nacion.com

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