Authorities search the home of the prime suspect in the murder of an entire family last week in Copey de Dota


(QCOSTARICA) The Organismo de Investigación Judicial (OIJ) believe they have their man in the murder and entire family in Cope de Dota last week, finding a machete, a shirt and trousers with visible traces of blood and other knives that.

The prime suspect is a Nicaraguan national, wanted in his country and apparently living in the country for the last ten years under an assumed name, who is now in police custody while investigators build a solid case.

For the authorities, the man, identified as Róger García Borges (his real name, is the perpetrator of the murder of Ramon Suarez Espinoza, 50; his wife, Maria Haydee Miranda Salmeron, 32, and their two children, Abraham and Maria Elena Suarez Miranda, 11 and 9 years, respectively.

Borges was arrested Thursday night in the of La Cataratas, on the road that leads to Copey, after a massive police operation.

Marta Luz Borbón
Marta Luz Borbón

Investigators are also linking Garcia Borges to the murder of Marta Luz Borbón, a 10 year old girl found murdered in July 2011.

Deputy Prosecutor (Fiscal Adjunto) Celso Gamboa said on Friday that there is strong evidence to link the man with 2011 murder in Cajón de Perez Zeledon, that until now remained unsolved.

In both cases, the Copey and Cajón murders, sharp weapons (punzocortantes) and knives were used to commit the brutal killings.

Also, Garcia Borges is linked to the sexual abuse of two minors back in 2010, also in Cajón. On Friday, the father of one of the victims identified the man as the attacker.

But there’s more. Also, this man is identified as the perpetrator of the murder of Nicaraguan Cascante Edwin Navarro, 45, stabbed to death on 16 February last year, in a bar in Santa Maria de Dota.

Authorities describe Garcia Borges as a psychopath, not only for the murders he is alleged to have committed in Costa Rica, but also linked to a triple murder in Nicaragua.

Arrested Thursday were also two other Nicaraguan men, identified by their last names, Pérez Sánchez and Espinoza Pérez, both allegedly related to the death of the Saurez Miranda family, but authorities still do not have sufficient evidence to charge them.  However, both are still in custody, facing unrelated charges.

In the case of Pérez Sánchez, he will be in a Cartago court this morning (Saturday), alleged to b the mastermind being the murder of Edwin Cascante.

On 18 and 19 August, Pérez Sánchez is to stand trial for the crime of attempted murder to the detriment of a son of Cascante.

Finally, Espinoza Pérez, has been sent to the Forensic Sciences Centre in Heredia, to be submitted for analysis. He will then placed in the custody of  the immigration, for deportation, as is illegally in the country.

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