(CONFIDENTIAL) The Deputy Minister of Planning, Francisco Delgado, and Marisa Batalla, adviser to legislator Paola Vega, were suspended from their positions for one month and without pay after they were involved in a scandal for making fun of a photo Laura Chinchilla and Ottón Solís on Twitter.

The photo posted by Laura Chinchilla on her Twitter account inviting views the Facebook Live event with Otton Solis

The photo of the former president and former presidential candidate and founder of the PAC party was taken last Thursday, prior to a conversation organized by El Financiero to talk about tax issues and that was broadcast on Facebook Live.

Almost immediately Marisa Batalla, the daughter of former Vice President Ana Helena Chacón, shared the image highlighting how close Laura Laura’s right hand was to the leg of Don Ottón and published the phrase: “Es can da li za da” (Scandalized).

The post by Marisa Batalla on Twitter

The circus was joined by Delgado, who replied: “Es toy en gan cha dí si ma con el Ta fil, oye”, (It’s a good thing if you’re with Tafil, hey) a phrase that became popular for the new Netflix series ‘La Casa de las Flores’. (Tafil is the drug addicted to Paulina de la Mora, a character in the Mexican tv series on Netflix and which produces changes in speech.)

The news (of the firing) made the international press, including CNN en español, that dared not publish the entire photo. In Nicaragua, for example, El Nuevo Diario had a good laugh at it.

In the case of Delgado, president Carlos Alvarado issued the suspension. The suspension was announced publicly by the Prez during a live interview during ‘Hablando Claro’ program on Radio Columbia.

Minutes later, legislator Vega prescribed the same for her assistant.

Following the censure, Batalla, also by way of Twitter, offered an apology in a chain of messages to former president Chinchilla, affirming that “it was never my intention to offend her or to sexualize her, as they are trying to do. My tweet was wrong and I assume total responsibility. Something is the one who issues the message, and not from the person who decodes it, as a communicator I know it was my mistake “.

Being a classy lady, Doña Laura did not add fuel to the fire, preferring to thank all those ‘demanding respect’ and not referring actions and sanctions.

In her Tweet, Doña Laura wrote:

1. “Do not do to others what you do not want to be done to you”;

2. Elevemonos to the height of the difficult circumstances that lives the country, especially some members of the government party.

Lack of Values

For her part, Delgado’s, the Minister of National Planning and Economic Policy, María del Pilar Garrido, said her ‘vice’ was disrespectful and regretted the situation.

“The hierarchs must have a responsible action, both in their institutional performance as public servants, as in their behavior in social networks. His lack of values, in this case, is punishable,” said Garrido.

Ottón Solís explained that the publication is a product of the lack of values that made him believe a person who could make such kind of hint about a lady and added that he was also disrespected.

Article originally appeared at Costa Rica Confidential. View the original.

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