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Mother And Pups Found Living Abandoned Inside A Car in Alajuelita

Despite a new law that sanctions animal abuse and cruelty, cases continue daily, such as an American Stafford and her five puppies living inside a locked car, without ventilation, without water and at risk of heat stroke. The animals were found in Concepción Arriba de...

Costa Rica Finally Has An Animal Welfare Law With A Bite

Q COSTA RICA - Costa Rica finally as a tough law against the mistreatment of animals, with the approval on Thursday, in second debate, of the Ley de Bienestar Animal (18.625) - Animal Welfare Law, which punishes with sanctions of up to three years...

Jail For Killing A Bird or A Fish? Constitutional Court Says It’s Irrational!

Q COSTA RICA - For the second time, the Constitutional Court or Sala IV found problems of constitutionality in the Animal Welfare bill, a piece of legislation that seeks to get tough on animal abuse. On Wednesday, by a majority, the magistrates declared 'irrational' the...