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Referendum on Proposed Anti-Corruption Laws Falls Short in Colombia

A set of anti-corruption initiatives in Colombia failed to attract the required number of votes Sunday, despite earning nearly 100 percent support of the voters. Supporters rallying for the nation’s new peace agreement with FARC hold a giant flag during a march in Bogota, Colombia,...

‘Kick them all out!’ Peruvians Continue Anti-Corruption Protest

Peruvians marched in the streets across the Andean country late Thursday, many carrying effigies of rats or vultures, to demand anti-corruption reforms clean up the country's institutions following the resignation of the head of the judiciary. Thousands took to the historic district of the capital...

Juan Diego Castro Launches Violent Attack Against La Nacion

Taking a page out what appears to be the current U.S. President's attack on the media, in particular, CNN, Costa Rica's presidential candidate, Juan Diego Castro, launched a scathing and violent attack against La Nacion on Monday. The presidential candidate for the PIN, used the...