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Pope Francis Arrives in Chile Amid Abuse Controversy and Terrorist Threats

Pope Francis arrived to Santiago de Chile on Monday, January 15 for a three day visit, and will have to face tensions over attacks on churches, threats against him and protests over accusations of abuses by the Catholic Church. At least six churches have been...

Pacific Alliance, under Chilean presidency will speed closer links with Mercosur

Q24N - The Pacific Alliance under the helm of Chile, beginning next July first will reach out for closer links with Mercosur, particularly since Argentina's decision to join the block as an observer. “The Argentine decision to join the Pacific Alliance as an observer fully...

Chileans to Vote for a New President in December

Chileans will have to wait one month to know the name of their new president of the republic, although all the estimates indicate the winner will be Michelle Bachelet, the candidate who had more votes in the elections that took place yesterday. Despite having...