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Costa Rica Effective Dollar Rate Goes Up

The effective rate in dollars went up to 2.13% from 2.01% last week, while the passive basic rate in colones dropped to 5.75% after remaining at 5.80% for two consecutive weeks. The Banco Central de Costa Rica (BCCR) - Central Bank of Costa Rica -...

Rise in the Price of the US Dollar in Costa Rica

A rebound in demand for US dollars explains the increase of just over 5.36 colones registered in the price of the foreign currency with respect to the colon from the end of May to date. The price of the dollar in the wholesale Monex market...

Central Bank’s Intervention to Stabilize Exchange Rate

Q MONEY - In the last several weeks we've seen the Dollar exchange rate go from 545/558 colones to one US Dollar in December to 555/568 to the beginning of this month and then in the last few days drop to today's 552/565. But why,...