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President Alvarado challenges the entire country to build an even more exceptional Costa Rica

"When I see what is going on in the world, I can't stop thinking if we will not be living again what happened in the thirties", emphasized president Carlos Alvarado by referring to the complex panorama facing humanity, where many the democratic values, inclusiveness...

Proposal Would Give Citizens Power To Remove From Office Elected Officials, Including The President

Don't like your elected president, legislator, town mayor or any other elected official, boot them out. That is the proposal by independent legislator Erick Rodríguez, who along with former presidential candidate José Miguel Corrales and journalist Armando Acuña. The trio met with the Ministro de...

Portrait of Juan Mora Fernández Will Accompany Carlos Alvarado

"El Ejecutivo desea que el estado sea feliz por la paz, fuerte por la unión y que sus hijos corten cada día una espiga más y lloren una lágrima menos” (The Executive wishes that the state be happy for peace, strong for the union...