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Constitutional Court Gives The Green Light To The Tax Reform Bill

The Constitutional Court (Sala Constitucional, also known as "Sala IV"), on Friday endorsed the process of the tax reform (plan fiscal) promoted by the government of Carlos Alvarado, in its task to put in order the country's finances and avoid an economic crisis. The tax...

An End To Excessive Perks For Government Employees Proposed

The majority of legislators declared war on a series of salary bonuses ("pluses salariales" in Spanish) that public officials have received for years, incorporating motions to the fiscal reform that is currently being discussed in the Legislative Assembly. The main changes would be to limit...

A Government Job In Costa Rica Is Better Than Winning The Lottery

It is said, getting a government job in Costa Rica better than winning the lottery. And here's why. A report in La Nacion reveals how employees of 82 State institutions earn more in incentives than basic salary. These include employees of the ICT, JPS and...