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Brasier Changes The Life Of Women Who Have Had Breast Cancer In Costa Rica

The biggest fear of a woman diagnoses with breast cancer is not just losing her life, but also one or both of her breasts. Although medical advances allow reducing the number of surgeries in which the entire breast is removed because of a tumor, it...

[BLOG] Breast Cancer And Therapy in Costa Rica

QCOSTA RICA BLOG - It is hard to find a female over 40 that does not want or need a mammogram. And, if positive: help! (That is the best and only word to describe the feeling.) However, research all you can on the internet and...

Women in Costa Rica Must Wait Up To One Year For A Mammogram

QCOSTARICA - If a woman in Costa Rica wants to detect early breast cancer, it's best she visit a private medical centre for a mammogram or ultrasound. This, because the waiting times at the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS) - public hospitals and clinics...