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Between Fear and Pain Students Return To Class At The Liceo de Costa Rica

"What is going to happen with my son from now on?" Is the BIG question that Don Jorge Valverde, from Desamparados, leaving his son who is in seventh grade, at the gates of the Liceo de Costa Rica after week the school was closed...

Cyberbullying at an all-time high: Don’t be a bystander

Never in the history of humanity has bullying been so inventive and thus destructive. Cyberbullies exploit this digital age to spread hate. They intentionally and repeatedly use the internet to cause harm, fear or distress to people. Their behaviour includes harassing individuals they consider...

Young Woman Tells Of The “Hell” She Lived When Someone Posted Photos Of Her Naked

Q COSTA RICA - Ardelia Maurel is a brave young woman. Now, at 18, she posted a video telling all of the "hell" she lived when someone posted online photos of her naked. In the video, Ardelia raises her voice to support other victims. She...