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What You Should Know About Coffee

Costa Rica is a coffee producing country. And despite that coffee drinking is not the same as in North America, Europe and other cultures. In fact, only in the last few years, with the arrivals of international coffee house chains as Starbucks and Juan...

How Long Will Caffeine Buzz Last? Genes May Tell

Nothing beats a great cup of Costa Rican coffee to get your day started. Now, a new study finds, you may be able to thank your genes for that long-lasting caffeine kick, to keep you perked up all day. Scientists in Scotland have identified a...

How Much Coffee You’d Have To Drink To Literally Kill Yourself?

QCOSTARICA - Lucky  you if you've never drank so much coffee that you fear for your life. For the rest of us, AsapScience let us know exactly how much coffee at once we'd have to drink in order to kill ourselves. If you stayed up...