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The Costa Rica Medical Marketplace

By Galya Gerstman - I often joke to outsiders that in Costa Rica, it would appear that traffic regulations are not obligatory, but merely suggestions, judging by what I see on the roads. I have since found that this flexible attitude toward what would...

How to stop sitting yourself to death

Sitting is probably killing you slowly — whether you exercise vigorously every day or not. Sitting has been referred to as the new smoking. And a recent study shows that risk of death begins to rise if bouts of sitting persist for longer than...

Abuse Of Sugary Drinks Cause of 197 Deaths Annually in Costa Rica

The amount of sugared drinks consumed in Costa Rica is on the increase. Either for lack of time, ease or laziness, the seemingly harmless practice has a dark side that leads to death. Obesity caused by the consumption of these products translates into diseases such...