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In the name of Lucifer: James No. GCoL Opens Its Doors In Costa Rica

QCOSTARICA - The  Iglesia Mayor de Lucifer (Greater Church of Lucifer) held its first activity in Costa Rica without trouble. No protests. "Modernism allows me to seek a religion that suits my perspective and my way of life," says theologian and sociologist, Alberto Rojas. The...

Catholic Bishops and Government Aides In Battle Over Abortion and IVF

QCOSTARICA - The bishops of the Costa Rican Episcopal Conference and the chief of social media of the Solis Casa Presidencial have gone to war with one another over -- you guessed it -- abortion and in Vitro Fertilization (IVF). President Solis's Administration and its...

Catholic Church Launches Campaign Against In Vitro Fertilization

QCOSTARICA - The Episcopal Conference of the Catholic Church in Costa Rica (Conferencia Episcopal de Costa Rica) has fired its first gun in a new campaign against in vitro fertilization (fertilización in vitro  - FIV, in Spanish) of women to confront a bill...