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Brazil: Facebook Censors Pages and Profiles of Libertarian Political Party

As presidential elections loom in Brazil, Facebook has closed multiple political pages, but its methods hardly appear impartial, with undue scrutiny being placed on the libertarian Movimento Brasil Livre (MBL) party. Through a statement, on Wednesday, July 25, Facebook closed “196 pages and 87 profiles...

Women Protest Religious Fundamentalism in Costa Rica

“The Handmaid’s Tale,” a growing Costa Rican protest movement led by a dozen women in the context of the impending presidential runoff election, seeks to confront a “fundamentalist threat” and defend the country’s social advancements. Dressed in crimson robes and white bonnets, and looking down...

Why Are More and More People Using VPNs For Web Browsing These Days?

Anyone who’s been actively browsing the Internet for some years now would have definitely heard of the term VPN (Virtual Private Network) at some point of time. In simple terms, VPN can be thought of as a secure tunnel between your PC and the website...