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Retailers Usher in “Christmas Season” Confident In Sales Increase

The Christmas season has officially arrived in retail stores in Costa Rica and with it the hope to significantly increase their sales, which according to Alonso Elizondo, executive director of the Chamber of Commerce, the expected is 17%. Christmas in Costa Rica is the most...

No, Capitalism Is Not Ruining Your Christmas

By Bill Wirtz. Glowing Christmas lights fill the cold streets of medieval European cities with little wooden booths selling steaming hot wine and cinnamon biscuits. However, the traditional look and idyllic atmosphere seem to be threatened by the evil of modern-day capitalism. That is, at...

The psychology of Christmas shopping

Many people see marketing as a form of manipulation, particularly around Christmas and the other retail bonanzas: Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day. But rather than simply trying to trick people, the masters of marketing know it’s much easier to understand and...