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24 Hours On The Roads of Costa Rica (Photo & Video)

From the Facebook pages of Accidentes de Costa Rica, this is a collection of photos and videos of traffic accidents posted to the page dedicated to just that, in the 24 hours of Friday, June 22 2018.          

Train of Idiots!

What has become almost a daily occurrence, a collision with the commuter train caused tremendous congestion this Thursday morning in San Franciso (downtown) Heredia. The collision also delayed the Alajuela - Heredia train service. In this incident, the collision involved two taxis, a bus, and the...

Pedestrian Deaths Doubled In The First Month of 2017

Q COSTA RICA - The lack of sidewalks, bad drivers, lack of enough police presence, negligence, recklessness and irresponsible actions by some have resulted in an increase in pedestrian deaths and traffic fatalities in general across the country. In the first month of 2017, eleven...