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Barclays tells investors to exchange their Costa Rican bonds for Salvadorans

Barclays international bank told its investors on Thursday through a report that it would move its Costa Rican bond positions for ones from El Salvador. The strategy they suggest to their investors is to get out of the (Costa Rica) positions of the external debt...

Costa Rica Bonds Fall In Price After Latest Poll Of Fabricio Alvarado In The Lead

The University of Costa Rica (UCR) poll released on Tuesday revealing Fabricio Alvarado of the Restauración Nacional party in the lead with 17% of the support, has resulted in a drop in the price of Costa Rica bonds in dollars, which expire in 2023,...

Ministry of Finance Seeks To Attract Foreign Savers For Them To Buy Domestic Debt

(QCostarica) Last week, the director of Public Credit Ministry of Finance  Ministerio de Hacienda (Crédito Público del Ministerio de Hacienda), Juan Carlos Quirós, reported that it began advertising on the Bloomberg website, with the purposed of attracting foriegn savers. Quiros explained that investors would be...