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The dark web: uncovering monsters (and myths) in the Net’s ‘evil twin

TSG Vice - The dark web has been described as the internet’s “evil twin”, a haven for drugs, paedophiles and contract killings. But as Melbourne journalist Eileen Ormsby tells Good Weekend, it is a whole lot more than that. What exactly is the dark web? It's...

Model Agency Was Screen For Production of Child Pornography In Costa Rica

Operating as a "modeling agency" since 2009, on the promise of becoming international models, a child pornography network in Costa Rica obtained the written consent of the parents for their children to be photographed naked. Costa Rica's Attorney General, Jorge Chavarria, explained that the 'red'...

Second Brother Arrested In Child Pornography And Sexual Abuse Case Of 9 Year Old

The brother of the man arrested two weeks was arrested this Tuesday morning for the same crimes as his brother, the producing and distributing child porn and the alleged sexual abuse of a nine-year-old girl. The arrest was made in the area of San Miguel...