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Travelers’ Tales- Who are the crazies who visit Costa Rica in the rainy season?

Q Travelers’ Tales – By Chris Clarke. Glumly, we wait to board British Airway’s direct flight to London, from Juan Santa Maria Airport. Fortunately, this is ten days before the collapse of BA’s IT systems. That would have made us more than merely glum. Through...

Sleep Your Way to Costa Rica

(QTRAVEL) If you want to begin your Costa Rican vacation in style — consider paying a little more for that upgraded, direct flight to get substantially more comfort. British Airways, and Iberia Airlines with direct flights to and from San Jose (SJO), all offer beds...

I fell for Costa Rica rapidly!

(QTRAVEL)  The first thing to know about white-water rafting on the Pacuare, Costa Rica’s most scenic river, is that you should not look at the souvenir T-shirts. These reveal the unsettling names given to its rapids, ranging from Class I to IV, and include Pinball,...