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Keyla Sánchez on vacation drives fans crazy with this photo

After taking second place in the "Dancing With the Stars (Costa Rica)" competition, Keyla Sánchez took some time off for a vacation and sent her more than 430,000 followers on Instagram crazy with a photo while while enjoying the hotel's pool, located in San...

Former U.S. Ambassador To Costa Rica Dances With The Stars

Leaving the foreign service — especially when a new president is elected and you are told to leave — can be a difficult transition. But one Obama-era ambassador is actually enjoying some new steps. Former U.S. Ambassador to Costa Rica S. Fitzgerald Haney decided not to...

“Fitz”, Former U.S. Ambassador Will Be In ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Former U.S. Ambassador to Costa Rica, the charismatic S. Fitzgerald Haney, is among the personalities taking part in the fourth season of Teletica's Dancing With The Stars (DWTS). “Fitz”, who has declared publicly his 'love with Costa Rica', earned a B.S. in international economics and...