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Monge Consumer Goods Retail Chain Secures US$120 Million Loan To Refinance Debt

Q BUSINESS - Are Costa Rica's importadoras (retailers) in financial trouble? Earlier this year, one of the country major retailers, Casa Blanca, went on the financial downslide, ending up in receivership, “convenio preventivo” in Spanish.This week, comes the news that Grupo Monge was able...

Casa Blanca On Financial Downslide

Q COSTA RICA  BUSINESS / Costa Rica's retail industry is highly competitive, retailers must monitor daily the needs of customers as well as their competitors, constantly innovating to offer consumers a variety of goods according to the latest trends, and differentiate themselves from the...

Costa Rica’s Poor Households Devote High Percentage Of Income On Debt Service

(Q COSTA RICA NEWS) Purchasing appliances, acquiring quick loans or paying for courses in installments are some of the reasons why Costa Rica's poor households devote a high percentage of their income to debt maintenance. According to the twenty-second State of the Nation report (Vigésimo...