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Ortega Murillo Regime Is Now Evangelical?

After declaring the Catholic Church an enemy, the Ortega Murillo left the Catholic masses and now go to evangelical cults, in an effort to reach another segment of the population and improve their image, analysts say. Reyna Rueda the “Orteguista” Mayor of Managua and Laureano...

Costa Rica’s Election Offers Fiscal Faith Test

(Bloomberg) With its open doors to tourists, no standing army since 1948, and proud claims as Central America’s oldest democracy, Costa Rica is not the place you’d look for a religious uprising. Yet this country of 4.9 million may be poised next month to...

Evangelical Pastor Accused of Sexual Abuse In Guanacaste

QCOSTARICA - Three adult men and an adolescent have accused a 46-year-old Evangelical pastor in Santa Cruz, Guanacaste province, of touching their genitals with oil. According to his accusors, he gave as an excuse that he was guided in the strange ritual by "divine visions"...