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Costa Rica Model Released From Nicaragua Prison Back In The Country

Q COSTA RICA - A free woman and back in Costa Rica, Adriana Corella, says she is ready to close the page on the last year and four months of her life, is calm and doesn't hold any grudges against those who criticized here. Sentenced...

Panama Deported 170 Foreigners In First Two Months Of The Year

Foreigners deported from Panama. Photo Newsroom Panama TODAY PANAMA – Panama’s immigration service reports having deported or expelled in the first two months of the year, a total of 170 foreigners, mostly Colombians, for being in the country undocumented. Of the the total, 106 were deported...

Maduro: “Problems In Venezuela Are None Of CNN’s Business”

Maduro said problems in Venezuela are none of CNN’s business. (CNN)TODAY VENEZUELA – President Nicolás Maduro has expelled CNN en Español after accusing the international news outlet of “manipulating” information about Venezuela. Maduro said Sunday he wants CNN “outside” Venezuela after he claimed the news...