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The Underground in Nicaragua in the time of Daniel Ortega

As if it were a déjà vu, many of those who suffered exile and the underground (‘clandestinaje’) during Somocismo (the state of Nicaragua under the dictatorship of Anastasio Somoza García), reedit their situation at the moment with the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega. Mothers ask for...

Moralist Upsurge in Brazil Revives Censorship of the Arts

RIO DE JANEIRO (IPS) - It is not yet an official policy because censorship is not openly accepted by the current authorities, but de facto vetoes on artistic expressions are increasing due to moralistic pressures in Brazil.   The offensive affects the artistic world in general,...

‘If We Are Deported, Who Benefits?’

(Politico.com) Until a few weeks ago, I was working as a paralegal at an immigration law firm in a suburb of Atlanta. I was saving money for law school and hoped to practice as an immigration attorney. Then, my world came crashing down: I...