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Maduro’s New Plan to Dollarize Tourism and Discriminate against Venezuelans

Taking inspiration from Cuba, Nicolás Maduro has recently decided that tourism will now only be only for foreigners or for “well off” Venezuelans, since he announced that the regime will charge in foreign currencies and cryptocurrencies for tourist services in some “economic zones.” Tourism has...

How to Save Money Abroad: Thinking Like An Economist

A record number of tourists and business travelers visited another country in 2016, and this year is already on pace to exceed that tally. One thing you definitely need when traveling abroad besides a passport is local currency, such as euros in Europe, yen in...

Dollar Exchange Rate Keeps Climbing, It Has Already Reached ¢595

Q COSTA RICA - The Colon exchange rate against the U.S. dollar continues its upward trend, given the strong appetite that the market shows for the acquisition of the foreign currency. The average exchange rate recorded a change of ¢4.56 more for every dollar in...