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The Franchising Business in Panama

The sectors of gastronomy, services and clothing is where most of the more than 200 franchise chains, including both Panamanian and international, that operate in the country are concentrated. As in other countries in the region, such as Costa Rica, the franchise business is becoming...

IHOP Looking For Partners In Costa Rica

Q COSTA RICA - The chain International House of Pancakes (IHOP) is looking for partners to open at least ten locations in Costa Rica, as part of its growth plan in Latin America. Dan Lecocq, Dine Equity VP and Jorge Lizan, CEO of Lizan...

Was Ray Kroc the Founder of McDonald’s or Not?

(Rico’s Journal) Persistence. Being a great entrepreneur is not always the same thing as being the inventor of a new product or service, or even about being a great “manager” who gets a business off the ground. Often the greatest entrepreneurs are the ones...