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Costa Rica finances 73% of its public education with indebtedness

The payment of teacher salaries, the operation of the school lunch program, scholarships, improvements in educational infrastructure and the transfers to the public universities in their majority were financed through indebtedness during 2018. A recent report from the Contraloría General de la República (CGR) -...

Costa Rica to Issue US$4 billion in Foreign Markets

To avoid further pressure on local interest rates, the Ministry of Finance will be considering issuing US$1 billion a year in the international market over the next four years. Representatives from the Ministry of Finance confirmed that they are preparing an application to the Legislative...

Costa Rica GDP Up 3.2% in 2017

The increase reported at the end of the fourth quarter of 2017 is mainly explained by higher spending on final household consumption and higher gross capital formation. From a report by the Central Bank of Costa Rica: In the fourth quarter of 2017, economic activity, measured...