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Costa Rica tells us that there is something beyond money that is important

(HUFFPOST) Every Sunday, when his health allows, 100-year-old Francisco Gómez gets a ride from his daughter to the outskirts of town, where he spends the day at a community center dancing. Gómez, a farmer and rancher on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, grew up listening to...

What Can We Learn from the World’s Happiest People?

With 15 years at National Geographic, journalist Dan Buettner developed an unusual expertise in finding the most extraordinary populations on earth, then doing a bit of reverse-engineering to figure out what made them so special. His work led him to explore the secrets of happiness,...

Life Isn’t Easy. The Relentless Search for Happiness.

QCOSTARICA by Marvin Castillo, Vozdeguanacaste - Life isn’t easy. This could be one of the most cliché and frequently repeated phrases that human beings use. However, no one contradicts it. This sentence probably passed through Mayra Rosales Villafuerte’s mind many times. At age 64,...