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Travel like the pros, 9 budget hacks for your next vacation

Want to travel like the pros? Better start pinching your pennies, pesos and colones. While it's true that money can buy you an elite - easy, even - adventure anywhere, those who travel for a living genuinely enjoy the challenge of bargain hunting. Riding public...

Proposed Development Would Turn Limon Into The Cancun of Costa Rica

An ambitious project of the Cámara de Comercio, Industria y Turismo de Limón (Limon Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism) aims to turn the province into a Costa Rican version of Cancun, through a major hotel development along the coast. La Zona Hotelera del Caribe...

Venezuela Authorizes Foreign Currency Transactions for Tourism

Hotels in Venezueal will now be required to open a “special foreign exchange account” registered in Venezuela (Feliz Viaje).TODAY VENEZUELA – Tourism operators in Venezuela will now be able to accept payments of up to USD $500 daily, or the equivalent in other currencies,...