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Is It San Jose or San Jose?

You've booked your flight. You're pumped. The dream vacation to Costa Rica is all you could think about lately. You've arrived at the airport, but, wait there is something wrong, your flight is headed for California and not the San Jose you had been...

Funniest, Weirdest and Naughtiest Airport Codes Include Costa Rica’s NOB

Q TRAVEL - The funniest, weirdest and naughtiest airport codes in the world include Costa Rica's Nosara airport, the NOB; a BUM, Butler airport in the U.S.; and OMG in Namibia. Each airport around the world has to be abbreviated to three letters and some...

Airlines Worry Zika May Be Hurting Americas Travel: IATA CEO

Q24N (Reuters) The spread of the Zika virus today could threaten the operations of airlines in the Americas by discouraging travel to the region, said the director general of the Association of International Air Transport Association (IATA), Tony Tyler. "A number of members have expressed...