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Journalists Once Again Arrested in Cuba, Now for Reporting on Hurricane Irma Preparations

(TODAY CUBA) Raúl Castro’s dictatorship in Cuba arrested independent journalists who were trying to report on Hurricane Irma this week. When they were arrested, Maykel Gonzalez Vivero and Carlos Alejandro Rodríguez had been trying to report on the arrival of Hurricane Irma, interviewing people on the island about their...

Hurricane Irma Slams Cuba’s Coast

UPDATED (10:00 am) - The storm has left behind significant damage to the region, but a precise assessment will not be able to be carried out until Sunday, according to the Camaguey official Isabel Gonzalez Cardenas. Officials have not reported any casualties due to...

How Will Hurricane Irma Affect Costa Rica?

As Hurricane Irma makes its way through the Caribbean and Floridians ready for Irma's potential landfall, how will it affect Costa Rica? Although Hurricane Irma will not directly impact Costa Rica, experts say the Central and South Pacific regions will most likely be affected by...