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Medellin Has Outgrown ‘Narcos’

As she sipped a cappuccino in a buzzing café on a tree-lined street in Medellin, Cindy Crawford Thomas said that escaping South Florida to retire in what was once the world’s most notorious city seemed like a no-brainer. Medellin is Colombia’s second-largest city with a...

How Colombia, Once Consumed by Violence, Became Your Next Destination

TODAY COLOMBIA (Cntraveler) – In 2008, Colombia’s tourism board launched a series of commercials touting the country’s natural and cultural wonders. In them, visitors and locals, with thick accents specific to regions across the country, speak glowingly about the hospitality and climate as a...

7 Habits of Happy Expats in Latin America

QTRAVEL - Few things compare to the adventure of moving to another country. From the moment you step onto the plane, your reality will be totally transformed, along with your life. But the direction this plane travels in will also make an enormous difference. Every...