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This Is The Reason Why Costa Ricans Don’t Refrigerate Milk And North Americans Do

Ask for a glass of milk in a Costa Rican home, and your host will most likely pour you a room-temperature glass, the same as in Europe. Do the same in the United States or Canada, and your host will likely pull an ice-cold...

Nicoya Peninsula Second In The World Among The Five Hotposts Of Health and Vitality

QTRAVEL (CNN) Going on vacation could help you uncover the secret to a long and healthy life -- if you pick the right destination. It's no secret that certain populations around the world live longer and produce a greater number of centenarians than others. More importantly,...

Love Is Key To His Long Life

QCOSTARICA - On October 10, Cecil Augustus Griffiths Ingram will be 105. From his home in La Trinidad, Limon he spoke to La Nacion of his longevity and without hesitation shared his recipe for a good and long life. Love is what has given him...