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“Salario Base” for 2019 Set At ¢446,200

Often when referring to fines you read the penalty is x number of 'salario base' (base salary) rather than a set fine. The amount of the salario base is set annually the Consejo Superior del Poder Judicial (Superior Council of the Judiciary). For 2019, the amount...

MTSS Says It Never Authorized Use of Logo On Stop Human Trafficking Advertising

The billboards of the image of an employer unmasked and with the logo of the Ministerio de Trabajo y Seguridad Social (MTSS) - the Ministry of Labour - the public is being warned of that "Behind a boss there may be a trafficker in...

Staying Single Was A Good Business For Children of Government Pensioners

Q COSTA RICA - Staying single (not legally married) was a good business for dozens of children of government employee pensioners. Their 'single' status allowed them to collect their parents' pensions, after their death, without age limit, regardless of profession, or having a salary...