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Gringo Roundtable on the Colombia-FARC Peace Deal

A peace mural is painted near the road leading to Planadas, Colombia, where a peasant uprising in 1964 led to the birth of the FARC.(TODAY COLOMBIA) By Colin, Expat-Chronicles.com – I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the Colombia’s peace agreement with the...

Colombia leads, US lags, in global drug policy reform

TODAY COLOMBIA - Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos is a world leader in trying to reform global drug policy. But when he spoke at the recent United Nations drug summit and tallied his supporters, the US delegation was nowhere to be seen. Indeed, the top...

Is Colombia Headed Back to the Bad Old Times?

(TODAY COLOMBIA) -- In Sunday's El Tiempo, the coincidence of two headlines sent a disturbing message about the danger of bad old times returning. In the upper left-hand corner, a report about the end of the informal truce between the government and the FARC guerrillas....