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Who Where The Filibusteros (Those Yankee Invaders)?

Q COSTA RICA, by Mitzi Stark. Outside of Central America few people know about the invasion of William Walker and his filibustero army in 1856. Or that it was the Costa Rican army that routed them and guaranteed independence for the five republics. William Walker,...

Pirates Threatening Brazilian Amazon Highlight Regional Security Concern

Q24N BRAZIL (Insightcrime.org) Marauding pirates represent a growing threat along the Amazon river in Brazil, the New York Times reports, but this remote outpost is not the only place in Latin America where piracy is becoming a greater security concern. Police forces in Brazil are...

Travel Channel Comes To Playa Jacó, Costa Rica

(QCOSTARICA TRAVEL) We are very excited to share the news that Jaco Beach was selected to be on featured for a show on the Travel Channel. Last week the crew from Indigo Films came to town to film some of Jaco's most popular activities as...