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Transfer of Powers Will Be An Austere Ceremony

Starting Saturday, international delegations will start arriving in Costa Rica for the Tuesday ceremony of the transfer of powers, when Carlos Alavardo will be sworn in as the country's 48th president. The ceremony is being held in the Plaza de la Democracia, the public square...

Rush To Get The Job Done On Time For The Transfer of Powers

Two jobs are being rushed to ready on time for the transfer of powers event on May 8 where Carlos Alvarado will be sworn in as the 48th president of the Republic, and receive the 'presidential sash' from Luis Guillermo Solis. The first. The event...

Tickets For May 8 ‘Transfer of Powers’ Now Available

The next government of Costa Rica will celebrate 200 years of our country as a free, sovereign and independent Republic. On May 8, the official transfer of powers will be celebrated in the heart of San Jose: in the Plaza de la Democracia y...