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The 10 brands Preferred by Costa Ricans

Q COSTA RICA - Ever wonder, when grocery shopping at Automercado, Masxmenos or Pricesmart, for example, why Costa Ricans pick one product over another? In many cases, even paying higher for a national brand over a lesser priced imported. One example is beer. Costa Ricans...

The Ten Most Popular Consumer Brands in Costa Rica

QCOSTARICA - Nine out of ten Costa Rican households purchased Dos Pinos products in 2015, the first choice of consumers in Costa Rica. The data is from the Brand Footprint 2015  survey conducted by Kanta Worldpanel, of 750 homes in the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM)...

Costa Rica: A Greek Tragedy in Central America

QCOSTARICA - The country which used to stand out in the region because of its good relative level of economic, social and educational development, is accelerating its march downhill in terms of productive competitiveness, income distribution and training. The country has become more expensive than...