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The internet is designed for corporations, not people

Urban spaces are often designed to be subtly hostile to certain uses. Think about, for example, the seat partitions on bus terminal benches that make it harder for the homeless to sleep there or the decorative leaves on railings in front of office buildings...

Why Are More and More People Using VPNs For Web Browsing These Days?

Anyone who’s been actively browsing the Internet for some years now would have definitely heard of the term VPN (Virtual Private Network) at some point of time. In simple terms, VPN can be thought of as a secure tunnel between your PC and the website...

Husband Convicted of Stealing Wife’s Text Messages

QCOSTARICA - Gathering evidence of alleged infidelity by his spouse, amid a divorce, a man was sentenced to six months in jail for stealing information from his now ex-wife's cellular phone. The man, only identified as bank employee, was also order to pay his ex-wife...