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Property tax on vehicles will decrease 8% for 2019

The owners of 2,391,602 vehicles will feel a relief when paying the property tax on the vehicles for 2019. The Ministry of Finance announced a decrease of 7.76% less over 2018. The property tax on vehicles is payable by December 31 each year, and included...

The 2018 Marchamo Explained (Q&A)

This is the last week of the week for more the owners of more than 1.3 million vehicles on the road to pay the Marchamo, the annual circulation permit. The deadline for payment is December 31, that is to day vehicles on the road without...


(QCOSTARICA) It's that time of year again. It snuck up quickly this year, November 1, when the following year's Marchamo becomes known. Starting this morning, the INS website publishes the cost of the 2017 Marchamo - the annual circulation permit for every registered vehicle in...