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It Takes At Least Six Months To Fire A Corrupt Public Employee In Costa Rica

Corruption in the government of Costa Rica is a real thing. So is the lengthy process of firing an alleged corrupt public employee. In 2018, corruption was the second cause of dismissal of the central Government. In 199 of the cases of dismissals registered in...

7 out of 10 MEP employees still on strike

Nearly seven out of ten employees of the Ministry of Public Education (MEP) - the majority teachers - have yet to return to work Among the MEP employees on strike since September 10 are teachers, janitors, cooks, and administrative staff, among others, The MEP reports the...

Trade Unions Defy “Line In The Sand” Drawn By Government

The Government had given to 5:00 pm Monday, October 8, for the public sector unions to call of the national strike and their membership to return work. Despite the line in the sand, only seven unions, from five institutions, have signed the agreement with...