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Should the people decide if they want UBER in the country? Association presents referendum request to the TSE.

The legalization of transport services such as Uber and other apps could be left up to the people if the initiative by the Asociación Víctimas del Estado (AVES) materializes. The group presented this Friday before the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) a request to put the...

Daniel Ortega Assures Nicaragua Is Returning To Normal After Months Of Unrest

President Daniel Ortega said that Nicaragua is returning to normal after three months of protests that paralyzed the country and hit the economy, during an interview with CNN en Español aired on Monday. President Daniel Ortega does not accept that the marjority of Nicaraguans want...

Ortega opens possibility of referendum

President Daniel Ortega said in an interview with journalist Andrés Oppenheimer, for CNN en español, that he is willing to hold a referendum to ask people whether or not they want to hold elections in Nicaragua, as a way out of the sociopolitical crisis...